Episode 113 - Grief Is Like a Fine Wine

My grandfather loved 3 things; dying eggs at Easter, making ice cream, and making wine. A few years ago I decided I would stasrt making wine using some of his recipes.

While my mother was here, I decided I'd start a batch of wine using one of his recipes with her help. It was a great time together. We shared fond memories of him while doing something that he loved to do!

Then as I often do, I started to ask myself. "How, if at all, does this relate to grief?"

Greif is like the empty bucked that we start out with in the wine making process. It's empty... lile we might be when we first lose someone, EMPTY inside. But we know that from that we'd like to end up with something that is as close to a "normal" life as possible. From that bucket we want to turn that emptiness into wine!

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Episode 7 - High School and Grief

Did grieving the loss of my father make high school more difficult than it had to be?

Even though I had an uncle and my grandfather who would become the male role modes in my life after my father passed, I did not ask them to accompany me to any of the father/son events at my high school. My reasoning was simple... they were not my father.

Grieving the loss of my father - some 4 years after he died, blinded me from reaching out to the two men that could have helped me the most during arguably the most trying four years of my life.

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