Episode 23 - Suppressing Grief

If you suppress grief too much, it can well redouble.
 - Molière

Suppress grief only hinders the recovery process

The whole reason behind this podcast is the tell my story of how I deal with death, loss, grief and bereavement; specifically the loss of my father when I was still a young child.

It is my way of letting go of the things that I had bottled up for so long. But why did I wait so long to get this burden of of my chest?

1.  I felt that I would be a burden to others who were also dealing with my fathers' loss.
2. Real men don't cry!
3. I was following the lead of others
4. I didn't want professional help
5. No one would listen to me.

I encourage everyone to find someone to talk to about their grief. A priest, rabbi, or whoever the leader of your faith based community might be. A grief counselor or support group. Whatever you do, don't keep it bottled up. It only makes it worse over time.

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