Episode 125 - The Hypocrisy of Grief

I've seen a number of posts in social media that deal with the lack of support that people feel they should be getting from their loved ones, friends and colleagues.

I personally am a people watcher. I'm in a way fascinated by what people do and how they act in certain situations.

After the death's of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain every one I know had some type of suicide prevention hotline number posted on their social media feeds/timelines. After two weeks, this stopped!

Did people all of a sudden just stopped committing suicide? No, something else happened in the 24 hour news cycle - I don't know what is was, but whatever it was it rendered suicide prevention non news worthy. Those people who posted about these tragedies move on to the next new thing.

People who are grieving are treated differently, however. We are expected to to not have anything to say about or pain - or if we do, just keep it to ourselves while others have the right to opt into and out of the grief space at their leisure...

Thus is called "the hypocrisy of grief."

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Episode 12 - Grief and the Social Issue of the Day

Your celebrity or social status doesn't shield you from grief.

John Lennon was shot and killed in 1980, This was the first time I'd heard of the term "gun control." After President Ronald Reagan was shot, it became a nation issue in the United States.

Why was gun control not so important when my father was killed?

Do people believe that their social standing shield them from grief and tragedy?

I don't believe grief considers who you are when it decides to strike.

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