Episode 92 - Grief and My Mental Headspace

I've been MIA (missing in action) for a few weeks because I needed to  take care of a few things back in St. Louis. I didn't have the time it would take to keep up my regular production schedule.

One thing that weighed heavily on my mind was the last conversation I had with my grandfather. He didn't want me to leave home and attend school half way across the country. I told him I'd only be gone for school, but he was still adamant that I should stay home.

I didn't have an opportunity to make things right between us as he died two weeks after I left home... I haven't spent more than a summer in St. Louis since I left for school. That was over 30 years ago.

While I have been tending to some of my mother's needs after a recent hospitalization this final conversation between my grandfather and me has been replying over and over in my mind.

On another note - I did sit down and record a conversation with my mother but did not have time to edit it for this week's show. Look for it next week.

If you have an opportunity, talk to a loved one and record it. You might be thankful you did a few years from now!

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