Episode 66 - Grief and Superheroes

This episode is dedicated to Marsha Cooke in the memory of Darwyn Cooke.

As I record this episode, it is the 1 year anniversary of Darwyn Cooke's death. for those who may not know, Darwyn was a Canadian comic book writer, artist, cartoonist, and animator. He drew covers for the Batman comic franchise, including working on a project that my son loved, Batman beyond in which Bruce Wayne turns the responsibility of being Batman to a teenage boy.

One of the reasons I like Batman is because our stories are similar... His parents are murdered while he is a young boy, but somehow he fights through all of that pain and decides to channel that pain into something positive - fighting crime.

The timing of this episode is important to me, because Darwyn's widow, Marsha, was the first person whom I didn't know that sent me a piece of feedback concerning the podcast.

I believe we all have an "inner grief superhero" inside of us, that is something that we have that can help others that are grieving.

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