Episode 165 - When Grief Helps You Help Others.. A Conversation With Dr. Sarah Neustadter

Dr. Sarah Neustadter

Dr. Sarah Neustadter

This week I have a conversation with an amazing woman about the suicide of her boyfriend while the two of them where studying in school together. We discuss why it caused her to move away from the city in which they lived and how the experience helps her sit down with her clients and helps them through their trauma.

Dr. Sarah Neustadter is a licensed psychologist based in Los Angeles, specializing in suicide prevention, loss, and grief, including those grieving the suicide of a loved one. She has over a decade of professional experience identifying and treating those at risk of suicide, especially teenagers. Sarah is passionate about helping others understand grief as an entryway into a deeper process of spiritual growth. She holds a bachelors degree from New York University’s Gallatin School for Individualized Study and a PhD in clinical and transpersonal psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. She is the author of Love You Like the Sky: Surviving the Suicide of a Beloved.

You can learn more about Sarah here: http://www.sarahneustadter.com/.

You can find her book on Amazon:  Love You Like the Sky: Surviving the Suicide of a Beloved.

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